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I received 16 such messages from one site, which enticed me to pay a 1 months fee, just so I could see how I would go. Of course as soon as I paid and replied to these 16 messages, I got 14 straight back with a BS message about the women's filter settings. I also found numerous profiles from all over the country with identical passages in their profile messages. I have contacted their customer service, and they are a joke, just coming back with crap like they cannot control what filters people put on their messages.

They deny that the site sends out messages on the customers behalf, which I have already proven to be total bull shit. I have asked 3 times for a contact phone number for their Australian site, and again, they have totally ignored this request. This site is a scam. The men are the paying customers, not the women, and they know if they keep sending out fake massages, men will pay to join, then they use this Message Filter BS to stop you having any contact with the fake profiles.

Save your money guys.

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